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Brian Mann
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Professor Brian E Mann

Key Words

  • metal carbonyls
  • metallopharmaceuticals
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • organometallic compounds
  • catalysis
  • kinetics

Contact information

Emeritus Professor
BA Oxford, (1966); MA, DPhil, (1968); DSc, (1989) Oxford.
Research Fellow. Leeds, (1968-1970). Teaching Fellow, Leeds, (1970-1973). Senior Experimental Officer, Sheffield, (1973-1977). Lecturer, Sheffield, (1977-1987). Senior Lecturer, Sheffield, (1987-1989). Reader, Sheffield, (1989-1995). Personal Chair, Sheffield, (1995-2009).

Visiting Associate Professor, University of California, Riverside, (1979). Visiting Professor, Messina, (1986-1988).
Director of Chemistry, hemoCORM, 2003-2008, Member of Scientific Advisory Board, Alfama, 2008-.

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